Why use Waney Edge Cladding

Why use Waney Edge Cladding

Waney edge cladding is a versatile robust method of cladding Barns,houses and field shelters. The advantages of cladding a building using larch cladding is the length of service larch provides. As a customer of carlton wood mill you can expect your cladding to last up to 60 years and beyond. The picture below was of a customer from Ascot who whilst waiting for his house to be build decided to cladd an existing structure using our waney edge cladding. Andy wanted the building to blend in and desired a rustic look while not compromising on the robustness of the finished build. We recommended using 15mm depth and boards 3.5 meters in length to minimise on the amount of joints required.20150329_132212-472244187

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