Carlton Wood Mill Ltd offers a wide range of fire retardant cladding options, these include waney edge, feather edge and machined profiles.


At Carlton Wood Mill Ltd are fire retardant cladding range is treated with Sentrin FRX which has been tested to BS EN 13501; Fire classification of construction products and building elements. These ‘reaction to fire tests’ are used to generate classifications of flammability which are commonly specified in building regulations. To specify the correct level of protection the following information is required:


1. Timber species
2. Euroclass required (C or B)
3. End use application


Contact us for assistance with detailed specification in writing.Carlton wood mill Ltd Sentrin FRX treated wood products meet the requirements of LR (leach resistant), HR (humidity resistant) and DI (dry internal) specifications.


What is the Service Life of the treated wood?

Sentrin FRX treated timber has maintained its fire performance in the ASTM D2898 accelerated weathering test, which simulates over 26 years of European rainfall. Based on the evidence from testing and long term market experience, Sentrin FRX will continue to protect wood against the risk of fire, without maintenance, for the normal expected service life of timber cladding, ie 30 years.


Treatment with fire retardant in general, does not alter the appearance of the timber or wood based panel. Some slight darkening may occur which will be dependent on the timber species and the kiln drying process following treatment. There may also be some surface deposits which will not affect the fire performance. The treatment process involves pressure impregnation with a liquid polymeric resin followed by at least 72 hours in a high temperature kiln. Consideration should be given as to whether the material to be treated can withstand this process and we can provide advice. It is always recommended that representative samples are processed prior to full scale treatment, especially if a coating is to be subsequently applied.


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Profiles offered with option to be treated with Sentrin FRX:

  • Waney edge boards
  • Feather edge
  • T & G
  • Square board profile
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