Our Waney edge cladding is perfect for cladding exterior buildings to give a true rustic feel. One side is straight the other is waney and the bark for the most remains. This gives it its distinctive look and feel.


How much should I allow for the overlap?

When calculating surface area please add 30% to accommodate overlap. Boards may vary in each dimension by +/- 3mm. Our cladding is perfect for use in Barns, sheds, houses, field shelters etc.


Where do you deliver? 

We deliver nationwide, please contact us for a haulage quote.


Will it shrink and expand in the sun?

Please note, our larch cladding is a natural product and each piece may be different in appearance and slightly in colour. Our cladding may contain cracks, splits and pin holes, this is perfectly natural and part of the beauty of this product. We air dry our cladding in the Yorkshire climate, as such, it is not unusual for the larch to season and some additional movement may occur. These aspects should and will not be considered as defects.


How long will it last??

Larch is a naturally durable timber and without treatment will last 20 to 25 years as cladding.


Does it need any form of preservative treatment?


Price List


English Larch Waney Edge Cladding

Price per Sqm


10mm – £11.00
15mm – £13.00
19mm – £15.00
25mm – £17.00


English Oak Waney Edge Cladding

Price per Sqm


15mm – £15.00
19mm – £20.00
25mm – £25.00


All above prices include VAT.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Lemur Enclosure, complete with Carlton Woodmill Cladding



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