Here at Carlton wood mill we pride ourselves on delivering quality milled products from local English timber. Our larch decking comes in lengths of 2.4 meters long. We supply a variety of customers from architects to university’s and libraries and of course the general public benefitting from buying direct from the manufacturer.



Notts larch decks will have a lifespan of more than 20 years 



Due to its high percentage of heartwood and minimum of sapwood, this timber is moderately dense, classified by BS EN 350-2 as approximately 556 kg/m3 at a moisture content of 18%.

Most of our Larch originates within 50 miles of our sawmill.



Notts Larch decking is supplied in a standard width of 140mm, with a 27mm thickness. We mill to your requirements and can do thicker boards if required. 

We offer Notts larch decking in a smooth profile.



Notts Larch decking is priced at £3.75 per linear metre.



  • Locally sourced product
  • Weathers to a grey colour
  • U.k Sustainable timber
  • Stunning grain and colour  

Only £3.75 per linear metre


Larch decking available in 2.4m lengths


140mm wide
27mm depth
2.4m lengths


We mill to your requirements and can do thicker boards if required. 


These stunning decking boards are produced using Larch which will last decades, with a depth of 27mm these boards are produced to last don’t make the mistake of buying pine and having to re lay


Milled in the heart of Nottinghamshire we don’t buy in our decking we manufacture and grade each piece.

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